Hi! I’m Angela aka The Granola Goddess. And yes, I have always suffered from “the hanger”. You too? I know. It gets real. RealREAL. But Granola Goddess labs didn’t start because of hanger, it actually all started with a concussion…
After being forced to slow down from life as a fitness professional, my love for baking was rekindled. I always loved granola + believe that food can heal. So, I started researching spices + ingredients that would help make the foods I love more beneficial for my life + body.
Somewhere between the hurting + the healing, my kitchen turned in to a granola lab + I morphed in to a Granola Goddess. And now we’re here. Making granola that will help fuel your life AND your body. All the ingredients in Grrrrnola have some pretty darn amazing health benefits. Don’t believe me? Google em.

I can't wait for you to try our unique batch baked granola. More flavors are in the works. Stay tuned. Stay hungry. Just eat some granola goddess goodness before the hanger sets in.



2 flavors now available!

Chocolate Turmeric Ginger Granola

The New Kid on the Block:
Chai Spiced Walnut Coconut

(both for when life makes you hungry)

Where to Buy

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Ozark Natural Foods
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Ingredients + Nutrition Facts

(because we know they matter-- to you and to us!)


“I'm seriousl when I tell you HOW FREAKING GOOD this granola is.”

— Lori
“OMG. I ate the whole bad in 2 days and I'm not ashamed about it!”

— Meagan
“Oh my goodness!! This may be the best granola I've ever tasted.”

— Susan

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